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Related article: Date: Saturday, August 7, 2011 19 40th 23 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 26 n With Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - Broken Tears Chapter 26 broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? Thank you, Stephen, are available for treatment and disposal. All usual disclaimers apply. If you will not be reading this, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. E -mail to: andrewgay41 hotmail. com ------------------------- --------------- --- -------------------------------- --------------- --- ------ Recap - Well, the last chapter was a great trip. We found that theViolators John, but was controlled so that by Kyle... Kyle died and so John, who was blackmailed by Kyle Kyle, as he did not. Brandon received a E -mail Dina said he accepts the relationship between Brandon and Ty and that is made ​​to keep the baby with you. Brandon came to England shortly Kyle after the ship had been crushed, and kissed after Ty n how much she loved him. -------------------------------------------- - ------------------------- ---- ********** ******** ***** luck - Chapter 26 *********************** [ Ty Point view] n After the drama, with which it began to cool. Brandon and I had to be for the n for a few weeks to sort things out with the police and give our statements. Brother John was rescued, and it was fine. Kyles insanity test was found in his laptop, and also, John was a commemorative n A few days ago. Of course, I visited with Brandon holding my hand , while all of them. And since that day we kissed under therain, everything was perfect. "Baby, you're done packing ? " Brandon said into my room wear on a belt with jeans and shirt with a towel wrapped around his shoulders and his hair dripping water. I licked my lips and looked at him, and he smiled. He pounded his chest and walked over to me with that bad boy s trademark smile. I walked away from him, until my back against the from the wall. His hands pushed me against the wall and nose dug into my in the chest. " You smell so good you know... I always excites.... How does it smell mine n ". He said as he sucked on my neck. I groaned under him and felt his two hands grab my ass cheeks. He pushed me between the legs around his waist. " B -B -Brandon need to catch our flight. " She said breathlessly. His mouth up on my cheek and hit my mouth. Their soft lips touched mine, and that complained to each other in the mouth. Her hands grabbed my hair and pulled him staring at me. " We can change the flight. " Growled myThe mouth, his hands clutched my ​​ass cheeks so hard that he cried in a little pain. It was hard now. I liked as fuck and loving life out of me. " Mmmm, tempting... " I said my hands were on your chest muscles hard and played at nipple. He growled, biting my lower lip, and kissed me again. A wet kiss erotic. " Russian Preteen Mmmm. I will make it hard, baby. " He said as he sat and held to move in bed. " No, great guy, will have to wait... Who knows, I've never tried to plane sexual. " I said I got out of his body. He was just taking care of me with the brightness of your eyes. "R -r -really ?" He asked, almost drooling, lust in his eyes, obviously. " Yes.. I'm serious. " I said smiling and biting her lip. He groaned, and went to help finish my packing and sadly put on a shirt over his muscular physical. " Let's hurry then. " He told us that s focused on its mission and smiled to him. "Like a fricking 9 years old. " I said, grabbing my bag and leave the tIt s room. "I doubt that a 9 year old going to fuck me as hard as at this level. " It s said in his deep male voice. I blushed and felt to slap my ass hard. "Mine," he said, kissing my neck. " Ok, you have to stop if we want to get to the airport time. " I said, running down the stairs to the living room. " Hey, do not walk by faith, of her husband. " He said jokingly, who rushed to the stairs to catch me. I quickly ran to the kitchen and the n and went to the table with Brandon to follow me. He was with the other side of the table and my mirror was moved. " will not catch me. " teased with a smile. " Really? " He asked with a cheeky grin on his face. " Yes," I said, always ready to run if it comes to taking a run around the table catch me, but no, he moved again, and then ran quickly and jumped fucking on the table. He stood over me with his chest rising and falling. "and said " He said kissing my lips. " You're not human. " I smiled as he showsEred my lips with kisses. " No, I'm not a person. 'm Superman. " He said, lifting the small structure and throw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I started beating his back with my fists, and laughed as he grabbed the bags and went out of the house with me on the shoulder. " Enough, much Duffus. " He said coldly, while a smile. " Who is 9 years old, now?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. " Asshole," he said, but he heard it. " Yes, this is where I will be in a few hours. " He said, since n opened the door and closed it, and put me on the sidewalk. The cabin was waiting in front of us. We went, and I felt the hand of Brandon s firmly grip mine. u003e u003e Two hours later u003e u003e Brandon and I were sitting side by side on the plane. We talked above all things, you know.. Trying to get Russian Preteen to know better. " favorite color?" I asked how his arm tighter around me. " Blue... yours? " I listed above. "Black", he said with a SMIhim. "Want to be You're a bad boy. " I said jokingly. " And you 're the boy I will corrupt good taste. " He said, kissing the top my ​​head and smiled. "I have one. What is your greatest fear? " I asked, genuinely curious. " rejection," he said with a pleased look on his handsome face.. " Oohh... That's why we keep our relationship too low in the " I said : disappointed. " Sorry, babe.... I'm not ready for it. I'll tell my father, but be patient with me... Please, baby," asked n declared. " I understand, Brandon, but I 'm not going to enter into a relationship with no future n. " I said looking out the window at the darkening sky. "I know, honey. I promise I'll go when I feel ready. " It s said he pulled the blanket over us. " What is it... greatest fear? " 'I asked as I snuggled my face into his chest. "rain," he said bluntly, and sighed. " Well, if me not afraid of the rain... ok? " He said, as his hand went to myHand and pulled me toward him. " Ok... Well... I wanted to go to the bathroom, but seems to be tired. " I said with a smirk. His body tensed beneath me. "N -n -No. Let's do it, baby. " He said that sounded like a kid at Christmas. that s I had to smile. " Mmm, but I feel like a nap. " I said with a joking tone. " Pleaseee. " He asked. My hand reached out and touched the tail moved n to my touch, and he groaned and bit his lip. " Ok. See you in the bathroom in 2 minutes, Big Boi... I do not want people n watch you run around with the erection of big. " I said, grasping again the increase. I walked carefully to the bathroom, opened the curtains n , and got inside. I looked in the mirror and saw healthy and happy. My hair was short, so I could see my cheeks n were slightly reddened by the thought of what would happen. He winked Russian Preteen me and sat on the toilet with the lid closed. A few seconds later I heard call. I opened the door and stormed in BrandonIt looked hot and bothered. "fuck fuck fuck ! Let's do this. " He said with an anxious whisper. " Then let's begin. " He said I fell to my knees. I opened his opened his jeans and underpants down. His hot cock, hard hit my face, and I n moaned. I soaked my head in my mouth, licking and sucking around s quite slow, so it is wet and slippery. Brandon started a little moan strong, and traveled with his hands around my head as I pushed his cock deeper n. I tried to relax the throat when he began his big dick space n in my mouth. " Fuck, it's okay, baby. " He said, as I started licking up and down bob of his thick shaft, around his cock and the location of the veins in my No tongue as he sucked hard on his swollen cock. He made ​​noises and grunts threw back her head as she sucked cock. My mouth went to huge balls of your s I sucked in my mouth. I Russian Preteen stroked her slimy tail, such as licked and sucked in one of his big balls. I smothered my face in his balls aª licked my way back to his dick vein. " Mmmm, how is that? " I moaned as I sucked his cock into my mouth. I gave the axis, the eroticism soft bite. " FUCK! God!" He moaned as he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth n Wild. I felt his balls hit her chin as she resisted his hips n on. I gagged a couple times in the queue, but he took stronger and I look at him. "You are all mine, baby. " He said in an animal sound, as he pulled me n to his lips crashed into mine picked me up in the sink and began to kiss more or less with the language too. I moaned and groaned under hot kisses her s. I felt his hands undo my pants and started to play my ​​dick hard. " Ahhhh, Brandon. " Moaned as his kisses on my neck went long. " Damn like, sweeet. " He moaned as he masturbated me. My precum filled the finger of his s, and he brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked men hard. I complained, and went to push her ​​tongue in my mouth. I will be achievedT -shirt and opened it. He took it off and threw it, , and I started sucking her nipples. He groaned and started my game s butt. " Mmmm. So good. " Groaned his pecs lick all bulky. I threw nipple with my tongue, stepped back and looked at me. " Bend over. " I said, swallowing his cock jumped a few times. I smiled, and slid my jeans to my ankle. I turned around and bent. I looked at his face in the mirror and smiled. I reached back and pushed my underpants slowly, allowing you to move the ass to remove. " Mmmm. Is it painful? " He asked with a moan bitch when I mocked my ass with my finger. I heard his deep growl. "I'm hurt. " He got one. I felt his hands slide up my ass my ​​own way. His hand hit me, what I scream and grab the edge of the pool. [Brandon POV] shit! Ty has no fucking idea how much I lust after him. is indescribable. Now there, hunched over his big shotand the ass, and his delicate fingers teasing the pink dots, Nutting was around. I beat his ass again, and I thought it wobbles a bit in my hand. " Mmmm. Brandon, not so strong. " She moaned, and my hand hit him again. " going to be difficult today, baby. " I said as my fingers teased the pink small point. I pushed and he arched his back and moaned. " Ahhh," he lamented as a small puppy, as my fingers slid into her tight hole. The hot meat wrapped my fingers like a tight hot oven, and was as hot as his body was on fire. I pushed deeper, and let a complain. I was smiling. "Baby, I want it rough now. " I said, grabbing my big cock and venous target acorn fat and slimy red with pink dot. I applied pressure and seemed obscene open the small hole to fit the huge head. The ass open with difficulty. " aghhhh " tried to control his anger. I saw his face in the mirror. the eyes of his s were wet and his cock was hard. "How ?" I said, licking tin his neck. He groaned and shook his head in the answer. " Aghhh. Brandon, it hurts. " Groaned as my head came the cock in her hot hole cozy. I sighed, grabbed her hips firmly, and kissed him on the ear. " I love you. " I said, and slammed my dick into her hot fleshy hole. My hand covered her mouth to stop yelling and that little hard on my fingers. I started fucking hard and little finger. " Aghh " He groaned in pain as I hit my huge cock in her broke ass. It felt so good to take him at approx. I was very hot. " Mmmm. Yes, you 're my bitch, baby. " I said, in lust. When I moved my ​​fingers began to lick her, and pushed me in the mouth. I pushed my ​​balls and cock in ass completely retired. Hit me back n Russian Preteen to jump on it and bite on the finger. " Brandon, you're fucking me so hard. " He groaned in the finger. I put in my fingers and began to take the most difficult. " I decide how hard you fuck you, bitch. "I said, hitting him in the sink Slide harsh with them. " B- Brandon. GOD! " He groaned as he pushed more into it, my muscles presses with effort. My chest was rocking with sweat, my abs brilliant and tightening with every shot, and my biceps as I him down. \\ \\ n " Mmmm. Damn, you're so damn hot and tight. "I said with a grunt, as I extended his ass cheeks apart to see how your little room for my giant open from the tap. ", Brandon, to reduce speed. "He asked me how I took the rough. My hand to the neck of the s, and I did see his reflection. She looked pure pleasure on his face. " Look. Do you want more? "He told me he opened his eyes and she moaned. " I- I want more. " He groaned and bit his lip. I lifted one leg in the sink and her ass was exposed and completely vulnerable. " Fuck yeah! Say I love that shit. "I said abused suggested in his hole. " I- I love... AHH. "The maone as my cock it open. Each stitch in your hole did jump. "What? " I asked, hitting harder. " I love you. " He groaned, my cock destroys her pussy boi. " Oohh God Remains... my pussy boi Brandon. " sluttily sighed. "I'll do what I want to fuck. " I said more or less. My hips slammed his ass cheeks as my cock buried in his hole. My mouth found his and our tongues began to dance together. My hands touched the nipples as he pulled me closer. The clashes were always sensual, as it is retracted and crashed again in a few, but gradually running out. " Ohh God... Please, Brandon, I am. " She moaned into my mouth. I bit the lower lip and pulled it a little. "Fuck, baby... you're my, my shit all. " I moaned as my cock left in the hole of my baby. His bloodied body is all mine. " I am yours, Brandon. Only you can me this way... You're my man. " said with a nasty tone. The last two words in Spanish has a little fire light in me. I grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him on my tail, and or more affectedit is not. "Fuck yeah. I am your macho shit, baby. " Moaned and bit him in the neck. He groaned and began to meet my strokes. " harder. Rompeme ass" (harder to break my hole) He groaned and groaned. I 'm wild. I saw fire in my eyes as I suggested and installed my mate. I took more and more difficult to make it cry and moan. I grabbed the cock of s and led him out, while for all that was worth fucking. Her moans grew stronger, and he groaned as his cock sperm and sprinkled it on the hand of my s. I licked my fingers and moaned in pleasure. " Take my load of crap. " I gasped and grabbed his hair messy. I opened him in the queue, and arched her back as her ass with my heavy filling. " Mmmmm. Yes, Brandon, my brand. " She moaned as my cum coated the inside of the his hole battered and abused. When my orgasm disappeared, I felt my breath go return to normal. I pulled my cock out Russian Preteen of her hole and beat his ass. I pulled his shorts and jeans again. " I want my load all majorThe flight engineer. "I said, groaning in the ear. He nodded and Russian Preteen smiled a post- orgasmic smile. " I love you, Brandon. "He said, distracted. " I love you, honey. "It gave me a kiss on the cheek with affection. I left the bathroom after fixing me. Some people have n odd and disapproval this... I think we were a bit noisy. I shrugged and went to my house. a couple of minutes later came out that Ty had a flush on the face and hugs were timidly. he looked so cute and beautiful. went to the the seat and began to fall in his seat by the window, but I put it in the lap. "Brandon, there watchin people. "He said, looking around. " No one I know. "I told him a kiss, and he smiled into the kiss. " I love you. "He said it seemed to jump with her ​​big blue eyes... My heart for a couple of bars. I looked over her cheeks flushed and seemed n and began playing with his hands. \\ \\ n " I love you," he said, with my deep voice. my voice so honest and pure n when I said, lOved him, and his eyes were watering a bit. " You're not hurt, right? " He asked us down. "unintentional, baby... I want to feel as special as you. " I said, putting his head on my chest heaving. " Thanks. " He said, kissing my chest of the shirt. I felt his breath n slow, with my arms wrapped around his frail body. " You are my world, baby. " He kissed me on the head when he fell asleep. Listening to his soft breath was like a lullaby Russian Preteen for me. Giving up my eyelids started when I was in the bedroom, which was pursued. We have seen a couple of hours into the flight. Ty was still in my lap, and put him gently in his seat. He pouted cute but curled asleep. I kissed the cheek of his smile. The plane began to land, and the single turbulence woke him up. He shook the sleep from his eyes with his fists. He groaned as cute as a baby panda. "You are sooo sweet. " I said, kissing his nose. " You are soooo ugly. " She smiled and kissed me on the lips. He smiled. " Well, we certainly love this ugly man on horseback. " I said with a wink. " Brandon" is seen scolding. After a few moments we were in the n airport. I wanted to hold her hand, but it was not safe here. I page by side with him, however. We are in a taxi and the taxi took him first. I kissed her cheek, said goodbye and shook hands. " I love you. " I said as he blushed and smiled, and ran out the door with his suitcase. I gave the driver the address of my house quiet and looks out the window. I Ty... I've never felt so happy, but... Shit ! I do not know if I can get. I will not hide my love for Ty. Well, if I did not come, guys will think that is one and want to be around, and I know not react well when I met a guy looked at my Ty. And see, I do not fly air care, because a hot guy invites you out. I know that if someone n to his side and begins to beat him, I'm sure, damn beat kindand everyone is in a second. So just do right? No? " Lord, we're here. " Said the taxi driver with a polite tone. " Oohh. I'm sorry... a little sleepy. " I said shyly smiled and handed the save money. I went out and took the luggage from the trunk. went home and opened the door. My mom and dad were wait in the living room, and my father looked confused. " Hello", I said to walk in. I put my suitcase by the door and sat on the couch. " Son.. Why are you going to England from nothing ?" My father told me, scratching the head. My mother saw him frown. " Well, Dad... I went to a friend who was seriously injured and it right... I went to help, too. " I said, and looked down. " So who is this guy and why such care, my son? Do not understand. " said, running his hands through his hair. "Dad... I am bisexual... I'm in love with this boy. His name is Tyler Jacobs... I'm sorry, Dad. " Does the look. I looked in the corner of my eyemy eyes, and his hand covering his mouth. A tear fell and broke my heart s. " W -w -why ? Linda, do you understand ?" My father asked, confused and sad. " Yes, dear... Our son is bisexual... That does not change who he is, who we raised him to be, darling. 're Always proud of him, and this should not change your mind about it. " my mother said, rubbing her arms and smiles cordial to me. I smiled back. ' B, but we've done something wrong ? " I asked my father with fear in his voice. " No, Dad... immediately fell in love with him. "I said, trying to make understand. " I do not know what to say, my son... That's... I've never... matrix of the book never said n othing. "I said with a snort. " Sorry, Dad. Yo know that soy is a decepción to manera, b - " n " Usted no es a decepción, Te amo.... hijo I am just confused. I could never expect something like this can happen. "He said, still looking uncertain. " Well... It means a lot, Dad. "I said walking towards him and hugged him. " I would like to knowThis young man, though... I do not love in n one of those guys gay horny, you can even diseases, the son... I need to for this child. "My father said sternly. " takes you to dinner tomorrow, okay ? " I asked and he nodded. " I 'm OK with that, my son. Only I have to adjust to the idea... I love you. " He Russian Preteen s said hugging me again. " I know, Dad. " " It's good to have you back. Now go to sleep. "He said, smiling. My mother kissed my father. " I'm proud of you, honey. "She said, smiling. 's Hand snaked his dad back, in an instant I was out there, so that the mockery and laughter behind. Once I started I closed my door and jumped on my bed, my phone s call, and was a call from Dina. I pressed answer. " Hello, Dina. "I said sheepishly. " Hello... I'm sorry, Brandon. Sorry, leads them to something that does not wan't , and I am sad about the baby. I do not want to lose to... Still do not want to miss. Can we be friends? "I asked by phone. " Of course, Dina... Sorry I can not be the guy for you, I really am. I am glad you understand. "I said with a sigh of relief. " Of course I know Brandon... I will support and help in your relationship as much as I can. "She said with a sincere tone in his voice. " Thank you, Dina, "he said with a smile. " No problem... Dressing gowns, Brandon. " She laughed and hung up. I smiled and sent good night Ty text. support [ POV Dina is ] for your relationship? If you are absolutely right. These two asshole can not play with me. Brandon does not know what he had dump in. he can not, I Russian Preteen will return in a moment. I promise. If your is not stupid mother practically forced me to take a pregnancy test, yet he is around my finger with the story wrapped baby. But hey, that's not over yet. I can not lose, Brandon lost... \\ \\ n Jeremy, that girl, Li, and now only has eyes for the dog. If n get, Brandon, I'll be fucking alone. and Ty that shit FRFinal steal my boyfriend. "What I can do to bring it back ?" I asked, as he looked down to picture of me and Brandon. What Ty does not forgive? Fraud! Jeff blew because he cheated n... That's it! If Brandon is cheating on him, probably dump le... And with a little magic powder, if you understand me, I can passes. ready, Ty. Her husband is not quite with you. ========================================= === =========================== ====== The next chapter will be up sooon ! Hope you enjoyed this story, and as you may have noticed, has Enter a personal meaning. I hope that has given you. : D Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my story so far. If no read my story together in a list, called Aphrodite and the curse. It the past, so you must look up. It is necessary in the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. Writer, if I call myself love the feedback n, and istoo shy to ask anything personal. Please enter the story I comment. Thank you, Stephen, for editing. You are awesome! N HOPE CHAPTER marked. Stick around because things are going to be Steam About the author Well, hello ! I, Andy. I am the author of this story, and I hope it taste so far. In most of the emails that seem to want to know about me, , like my age, hobbies, etc. Now, I have 18 years, I like to write, as you can imagine me, I love poems and songs, and also to express by words. I want to be a doctor, my favorite color is blue, which looooove Ice is my favorite movie Easy A, and my favorite TV show is, friends! : D I love Chandler, and yes, I kind of have a sense of humor, and that sarcastic wit. : D Well, that's me, and if you have more Do not ask me please e -mail n Love, Andy
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